"Great leaders have explicit vision, share the vision, and inspire others to create a kingdom of success "

Lokesha K  . Chairman

         A permanent Vice-regal, witty, and an efficient investor, has a diversified knowledge in creating coherent organizations, bears great plans to widen his horizons in the field of education, an affluent entrepreneur, and a potent capitalist. He owns great foresight capabilities to guide and advise on how to escalate successful organizations in different varied sectors.


        He aims at the strong persuasion of an educational institution in shaping the student’s future and refining their abilities. Believes in teamwork and comprehends parent’s expectations and trust. The prominence of the institution endeavors at providing immaculate and tranquil learning ambiance to shimmer with glory. Under his celestial leadership, Hegemony Global School will evolve as a remarkable institution setting up milestones in the field of education, working for an invigorated future of the nation.